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  • UNIQUE SCOOP: The scoop comes with plastic material and large cut-out circles.

  • EASY TO USE: The scoop is easy and convenient to use.

  • ALL-TYPE LITTER: It is suitable for all types of litter.

  • SUPER CONVENIENT: Extremely easy for pet parents to use.

Note: You might get any Random color based on availability.

Clean up your feline's waste without any inconvenience with Savic Macro Cat Litter Scoop. Make the task of cleaning out your cat's litter box uncomplicated. Scoop the litter and let the waste be collected in the scooper while the rash falls back into the tray. The modern-shaped pet cat litter scoop has a plastic body. It has large cut-out circles which allow the unused litter to fall through. It is suitable for coarse clumping cat litter. Easy to use, suitable for all types of litter. Now, cleaning up after cat waste is much easier for you. Say goodbye to the dread of scooping up your pet mess daily. Note: It is unsafe to directly handle the contents of your cat's litter tray. It is best done when wearing gloves and the scoop makes it easier to use.

Cat Litter Scoop

₹200.00 Regular Price
₹150.00Sale Price
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