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Memories to comeback to

Ever experienced happiness when you saw someone you like & love, smile? That happiness you experience is as pure as it can get. You know the most selfless thing one can do is make others happy. The power of bringing a smile to another person’s face, whether it be your partner, someone you are dating, or your close ones, is a superpower in itself. So we are getting closer and closer to February 14th. This day has different stories in the history books, but the one we know and cherish is the story of sharing love, life, and happiness. You may all be thinking why just one day and not every day to share all the good things with our close ones, we do share each and every positive aspect of our life daily with our loved ones but we also have our little moments where we etch a perfect scene in our life as our memory like the first time you met someone, the day you shared a beautiful playlist you curated for your partner, the first time you held their hands and many such moments and this day i.e. the 14th of February is also one among them, also, it is more of day to make your special someone feel at the top of their world, a day where you keep aside your fears and finally ask him or her out, a day you finally propose him or her to create your own happily ever after stories and at the end this day is something you will come back to, to trace your start of happy moments together. And to make it a special day and a special week, what better way than to gift that person something special and create a memory that you can always come back to and laugh, smile, and cry tears of happiness? So this Valentine’s gift your special someone and give them the love and happiness they deserve. Let's make each day a Valentine,

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

-Darshan Shanbhag

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